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Modelling physical - biological interactions in the Indian Ocean, INCOIS, Ministry of Earth Sciences, 2012-2017, Principal Investigator.

Oceanographic observations in the southern Bay of Bengal during CTCZ, Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, 2009-,Principal Investigator.


High resolution modeling of Indian Ocean using MOM and ROMS, INCOIS, Ministry of Earth Sciences, 2008-2013, Principal Investigator.

Implementation of Regional Ocean Modeling System for the Indian Ocean on a Windows compute cluster, Microsoft Corporation, USA, 2008-2011,Principal Investigator.

Modeling Oxygen Minimum in the Arabian Sea, National Science Foundation (NSF), USA, 2007-2010, Co-investigator. (PI: Prof. Jay McCreary, IPRC, Hawaii)

Study of Atmosphere-Ocean Interaction and its impact on ocean state over northern Indian using a coupled climate system model, Ministry of Earth Sciences, INCOIS, MoES, 2008-2013,Co-investigator. (PI: Prof. Ravi Nanjundiah, IISc)

Assimilation of Argo data into the ROMS model of the Indian Ocean, Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services, MoES, 2008-2011, Co-investigator (PI: Prof. Amit Apte, TIFR)

The Indian monsoon & the coupled atmosphere - Equatorial Indian Ocean system, INCOIS, MoES, 2007-2010, Co-investigator. (PI: Prof. Sulochana Gadgil, IISc)

Analysis and synthesis for the Indian Argo Programme, DOD (INCOIS), 2002-2005, Investigator.

Development of a Data assimilation system for the Indian Ocean, DOD (INCOIS), 2003-2008, Investigator.

Retrieval of Ocean parameters (phytoplankton blooms), ISRO (SAC), 2004-2008, Investigator.

Interpretation of Ocean Color variability in the Bay of Bengal using an ocean general circulation model, ISRO (SAC), 2001-2003, Investigator.

Implementation of dynamical seasonal prediction system, India Meteorological Department, 2006-2009, Co-investigator. (PI: Prof. Ravi Nanjundiah, IISc)

Common computing facility for ocean modeling at CAOS, Department of Ocean Development (INCOIS), 2003-2008, Co-investigator. (PI: Chairman, CAOS).

Measurement of ocean parameters for the study of warm pool in the southeastern Arabian Sea, Dept. Sci. and Tech., 2003-2006, Co-Principal Investigator along with Dr. S.S.C. Shenoi, NIO.

Atmosphere-Land-Ocean Interaction during intense rainfall events along the west coast of India, Dept. Sci. and Tech., 2002-2005, Co-Principal Investigator along with Dr. S.S.C. Shenoi, NIO.

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