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Jai Sukhatme

Associate Professor

Email : jai@iisc.ac.in

Mailing Address

Centre for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Indian Institute of Science Bangalore

Current Position:
  • Associate Professor
Educational background:
  • BTech (IIT, Bombay), MS (University of California, Davis), PhD (University of Chicago).
Research Interests:
  • Moist geophysical fluid dynamics, tropical variability and monsoonal circulations.
  • Rotating and stratified turbulence in the atmosphere and ocean.
Journal Publications (2020 onward)
Students in my group.
  • Nihar Paul (PhD 5th year), Sambrita Ghatak (PhD 5th year), Pradeep Kushwaha (PhD 5th year) and Abu Bakar Siddiqui Thakur (PhD 4th year)
Previous students.
  • Joy Monteiro (PhD, Faculty at IISER, Pune)
  • Suhas DL (PhD, Postdoc at UC Berkeley)
  • Co-advised (i) Dipanjan Chaudhuri (PhD, Postdoc at Univ. of Washington, Seattle) and (ii) J. Sree Lekha (PhD, Postdoc at PEML, USA). The principal advisor of both these students was Prof. Debasis Sengupta.
  • MSc [4 students] Karthik Madhyastha, Bodhisattwa Chattopadhayay, Anirban Sinha & Hemant Khatri.
  • MTech [6 students] Ajay Kumar, Jayesh Phadtare, Suhas DL, Kaushik Reddy, Nihar Paul & Arijit Chanda.