Centre for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (CAOS)
Indian Institute of Science (IISc)
Phone: 080- 22932505
Email: office.caos@iisc.ac.in


Debasis SenguptaProfessor and Chairman  

Debasis Sengupta

Professor and Chairman

Ph.D. 1986 National Institute of Oceanography, M.S. 1980 IIT-Delhi.

Research Interests : Physics of the Indian Ocean, tropical Air-Sea Interaction, Predictability of Ocean and Climate, Ocean Modeling.

G.S. BhatProfessor  

G.S. Bhat


Ph.D. 1990 IISc,  M.E. 1983 IISc,  B.Tech. 1981 IIT-Bombay (Mechanical Engineering)

Research Interests : Tropical convection, cloud dynamics, mesoscale convection, laboratory modeling of atmospheric phenomena, field experiments, ocean-atmosphere coupling, atmospheric boundary layer.

Ravi S. NanjundiahProfessor and Deputation to IITM  

Ravi S. Nanjundiah

Professor and Deputation to IITM
ravi (at) iisc.ac.in

Ph.D. 1992 IISc, M.E. 1986 IISc, B.E. 1984 Rani Durgavati University.

Research Interests : Climate Modeling, Meso-scale Modelling, Monsoon Variability, Application of High Performance Computing to Climate Studies.

P.N. VinayachandranProfessor  

P.N. Vinayachandran


Ph.D. 1996 IISc Oceanography, M.Sc. (Engg). 1992 IISc, M.Sc. 1987 Cochin University of Science & Technology, B.Sc. 1984 University of Calicut.

Research Interests : Dynamics of the Indian Ocean, Ocean modeling, Physical-Biological  interactions in the ocean.

S.K. SatheeshProfessor and Chairman Divecha Centre for Climate Change  

S.K. Satheesh

Professor and Chairman Divecha Centre for Climate Change

Ph.D. 1997 Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, M.Sc. 1993 University of Kerala, B.Sc. 1990 University of Kerala

Research Interests : Aerosols, Radiation, Clouds, Climate, Field Experiments.

Govindsamy BalaProfessor  

Govindsamy Bala


Ph.D. 1994 McGill University, M.Sc. 1988 University of Poona

Research Interests : Global climate change, Coupled Climate and Carbon Cycle modeling, Land use change, Radiative forcing and Climate Sensitivity, Geoengineering, High-resolution modeling.

V. VenugopalAssociate Professor  

V. Venugopal

Associate Professor

Ph.D. 1998 University of Minnesota, M.S. 1995 University of Minnesota, B.Tech. 1992 IIT-Madras

Research Interests : Stochastic Hydrology, Space-time Structure and Scale-invariance of Precipitation, Precipitation Downscaling, Retrieval and Validation of Remotely-sensed Precipitation, Cloud-resolving Models.

Arindam ChakrabortyAssociate Professor  

Arindam Chakraborty

Associate Professor
arch [at] iisc.ac.in

Ph.D. 2005 IISc, M.Sc. (Engg) 2000 IISc, M.Sc. (Physics) 1998 Jadavpur Univerisity.

Research Interests: Tropical Climate, Monsoon Variability and Prediction, Physics of Clouds and Convection, Aerosol and Climate.

Jai SukhatmeAssociate Professor  

Jai Sukhatme

Associate Professor

Ph.D. 2003 University of Chicago, M.S. 1998 University of California-Davis, B.Tech. 1995 IIT-Bombay.

Research Interests : Geophysical fluid dynamics, Advection-diffusion-dispersion phenomena.

Prosenjit GhoshAssociate Faculty  

Prosenjit Ghosh

Associate Faculty

Ph.D. 2001 Physical Research Laboratory, M.Tech. 1994 IIT-Roorkee, B,Sc. Hons. 1991 Delhi University.

Research Interests : Paleoclimate reconstruction, Stable isotope geochemistry, palaeo-oceanography, Tectonics and climate, atmospheric CO2 and its flux estimates based on isotope technique, Mass spectrometry, Early life and organic evolution.

J. SrinivasanHonorary Professor  

J. Srinivasan

Honorary Professor

Ph.D. 1975 Stanford University, M.S. 1971 State University of New York, B.Tech. 1969 IIT Madras.

Research Interests: Monsoon Models, Satellite Meteorology

Sulochana GadgilHonorary Professor  

Sulochana Gadgil

Honorary Professor

Ph.D. 1970 Harvard University, M.Sc. 1965 Pune University

Research Interests : Monsoon Dynamics and Variability, Ocean-Atmosphere Coupling, Climate variability and Agriculture.