Dr. Ambica Behara

PhD Reasearch Scholar

Research Advisor : Prof. P. N. Vinayachandran

Research Interests : High-resolution Ocean Modeling, Bio-physical coupling in the ocean, Air-sea Interactions, Southeast Asian Monsoon.

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Jenson V George

PhD in Marine science from Goa University /

Research Advisor : Prof. PN Vinayachandran (CAOS , IISC)

Research Interests : Observational Oceanography; Biophysical interation in Ocean; Ocean turbulence and mixing

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Dr. Kapil Dev Sindhu

Research Associate /

Education : Ph.D.- Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, India, 2009-2018 M.Sc. (Engg.) Research,- Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, India, 2006-2009 M.Sc. Physics - Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India, 2003-2005 Post-Doc Experience: Research Staff, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India, September, 2017-August, 2018

Research Advisor : Prof. G.S. Bhat

Research Interests : Remote Sensing of clouds: Spaceborne and ground-based Doppler weather radars Clouds: Mesoscale convective systems and storms; Tracking and nowcasting of storms; Quantitative precipitation estimation (QPE) using polarimetric radar variables Climate modeling data analysis: Global and regional cloud data from CMIP5 global climate models



  • Sindhu KD and Bhat GS. 2013. Comparison of CloudSat and TRMM radar reflectivities. Journal of Earth System Science, 122, 947-956.
  • Sindhu KD and Bhat GS. 2018. Characteristics of monsoonal precipitating cloud systems over the Indian subcontinent derived from weather radar data. Quarterly Journal of Royal Meteorological Society, 144, 1742-1760,
  • Sindhu KD and Sahany S. 2018. Long-term cloud fraction biases in CMIP5 GCMs over India during monsoon season. Theoretical and Applied Climatology,
  • Sindhu KD and Bhat GS. 2018. Storm characteristics over Northwest India during a summer monsoon season. Accepted with minor revisions in Theoretical and Applied Climatology.

Dr. K.S, Krishna Mohan

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Dr. Neema C P

Research Associate

Research Advisor : Prof P. N Vinayachandran

Research Interests : Indian Ocean Modelling , Air sea interactions related studies

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Dr Tharammal, Thejna

Research Interests : Climate change research, climate modeling, paleoclimate research, water isotopes hydrology, carbon cycle modeling

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