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Prof. Sulochana Gadgil

Honorary Professor

Email : sulo@caos.iisc.ernet.in

Phone : +91-80-309 2505

Wax :+91-80-360 0865

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Centre for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Indian Institute of Science Bangalore,

Selected Publications
  • D R Sikka, Sulochana Gadgil 1980: On the maximum cloud zone and ITCZ over the Indian longitudes during the southwest monsoon. Mon. Wea. Rev. 108:1122-1135.[PDF]
  • Gadgil Sulochana, P V Joseph and N V Joshi, 1984: Ocean-Atmosphereic coupling over monsoonal regions, Nature, 312:141-143.[PDF]
  • Gadgil Sulochana and Asha Guruprasad, 1992: Intraseasonal variation of the Indian summer monsoon 1: observational aspects.J.Metro.Soc.Japan, 517-527.
  • Sulochana Gadgil, Yadumani, N V Joshi 1993: Coherent rainfall zones of the Indian region. Int. J. Climatology. 13:547-566.
  • Sulochana Gadil 1995: Climate change and agriculture: an Indian perspective. Current Sci. 69:649-659.
  • Gadgil Sulochana and Sajani Surendran, 1998: Monsoon precipitation in the AMIP runs, Climate Dynamics, 14:659-689.
  • Gadgil Sulochana and P R Seshagiri Rao, 2000: Farming strategies for a variable climate -A challenge, Current Science 78,10,1203-1215.
  • Sulochana Gadgil 2003: The Indian Monsoon and its Variability. Annual Review Earth Planet. Sci. 31, 429-467 [PDF]
Research Interests
  • Monsoon dynamics
  • Ocean dynamics
  • Ocean-atmosphere coupling
  • Rainfall variability and its impact on agriculture