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Name: Anwesa Bhattacharya
Designation: Senior Research Scientist at Korea Institute of Atmospheric Prediction Systems
ResearchGate link:
Brief description about your work: Part of a research team which is developing a numerical model for Korean government.


Name - Jayesh Goyal
Current Designation - PhD Student, Astrophysics Group, University of Exeter, U.K

Google Scholar Link -

Website -

Research Interest - Planetary/Exoplanetary Atmospheres, Radiative transfer, Remote Sensing, Fundamental atmospheric science.

Work Description - Currently working on developing models to interpret the observations of Exoplanet atmospheres.

Contact -,


Name - Vinoj V

Designation - Faculty, IIT Bhubaneswar

Research gate link -

Research interest - Aerosols and Climate, Urban Climate, Energy and Climate

Contact - SEOCS, IIT Bhubaneswar


Name - Deepeshkumar Jain

Designation - Project Scientist D, Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune

ResearchGate link -

Research Interest - I am working on improving seasonal and sub-seasonal predictability of Indian Summer Monsoon. I work on a hierarchy of models.

Contact - Phone +919901260529

Email -



Name:  Ashutosh Pandey

Current Organization: Risk Management Solutions (RMS)

Designation: Senior Modeling Analyst

Brief Description: As a member of the core model development team, I am looking into the climate science and modeling part of the agriculture model.

LinkedIn profile:


Name: Ambica Behara

Designation: Research Associate

Research Gate Link:

Research Interest: Ocean Modelling, Monsoon, biogeochemical modeling



Name: Aditya Baksi

Designation: PhD, McGill University

Research Interest: GFD, Atmospheric Turbulence


Brief Description about my work:  Non-linear adjustment in tropics, using the Dam-Breaker problem in spherical shallow water framework.



Name: Ali Hasan Siddiqui

Designation: PhD student, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

Researchgate link:

Research interests: Physical Oceanography, Climate variability, Climate modeling

Brief description of work: I have been working on building a simple model to explain inter-decadal climate fluctuations in the North Atlantic.

Contact: email:


Name: Saji N Hameed

Designation: Professor

ResearchGate link:

Research interest: Mechanisms of climate variability

A brief description of your work: I am interested in exploring the physical mechanisms underlying variations of present and past climates.



Name: Retish Senan

Designation: Scientist

Research Gate Link:

Research Interests: Earth System Modelling, Climate variability and predictability, Sea-ice and Land-surface impacts on climate

A brief description of your work: I am an Oceanographer-turned-climate scientist with broad interests in climate variability on sub-seasonal to inter-annual time-scales and the impact of land-surface and sea-ice coupling on climate predictability.



Name: Joy Merwin Monteiro

Designation: Postdoc, Department of Meteorology, Stockholm University


Research Interests: Tropical Meteorology, Climate Modelling



Name - Sandeep Vepuri

Designation - PhD Student

ResearchGate Link -

Research Interest - Cloud microphysics, Ice Nucleation, and  Aerosol-cloud Interaction.

Description: Implications of Aerosol Physicochemical properties Including Ice Nucleation at ARM Mega Sites for Improved Understanding of Microphysical Atmospheric Cloud Processes.

Contact -


Name - Vishal Dixit

Designation - Postdoctoral researcher at TU Delft, Netherlands

Research gate link -

Research interest - ITCZ and Monsoons, Tropical climate dynamics 

Brief description about your work - I work on understanding different aspects of the large-scale dynamics of tropical rainbands using climate models. This problem has been identified as one of the fundamental puzzle of climate science by World Climate Research Program.

Contact -

Phone : +31 687749016



Name - Saurabh Dixit

Designation - PhD Candidate at CDS, IISc.

Research Interests - Applied and Computational Mathematics, Data Assimilation.

Contact -



Name - Subham Rath

Designation - Quant Analyst, DeepR Analytics

Research Gate Link - 

LinkedIn Link - 

Research Interest - Statistical modeling in Finance and stock markets. 

Currently I am working as a Quant Analyst at DeepR Analytics where we are developing our own Algorithms to perform high frequency trading in the market. 

I am associated with the modeling and research team of the organization where I help in developing and applying various mathematical and statistical models to facilitate an automated algorithmic trading that requires no human interference. 

Contact – 8902752932



Name- Shubhi Agrawal

Designation- Postdoctoral Associate at the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center, SUNY University at Albany, USA

Research gate-

Research interest- Land-Atmospheric coupling, Teleconnections, Monsoon




Name: Ambica Behara

Designation: Research Associate

Research Gate Link:

Research Interest: Ocean Modelling, Monsoon, biogeochemical modeling



Name- Snehlata Joshi

Designation -

Research gate link -

Research interest - climate change, ocean-atmosphere interaction

Description - Impact due to cirrus cloud thinnng geoengineering over atmosphere and land carbon.




Name: Nirupam Karmarkar

Designation: post-doctoral researcher at the Florida State University

Research gate link:

Research Interest: Tropical Climate Dynamics and climate modeling, Large Scale Circulation, Indian Monsoon, Intraseasonal and Interannual Variability, Intraseasonal Oscillations Decadal and Multidecadal Variability.

Description: Understanding tropical climate and its variability, with a particular focus on the Indian monsoon.


Name- Sheo Mishra

Designation- Analyst Atmospheric perils @ Swiss Re

Linkedin -

Research Interest- Weather Modeling, cyclone and hail storm, Renewable Energy

Work Profile- Currently I am building models to access financial losses due to atmospheric peril like hails, cyclone etc events for Swiss Re. My main task is to build a  dynamical cyclone pricing and tracking system,which convert those to risk into expected loss, so that insurance company can buy a risk even when a cyclone is active.

Contact- 9632134684,