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Physics of the Atmosphere and Oceans from Field Campaign


Observations and models: cloud microphysics, monsoon clouds and dynamics, rainfall variability from minutes to decades, aerosols and radiation, GFD, tropical and global climate.

Field campaigns since 2014 include OMM, BoBBLE, INCOMPASS and SWAAMI, as part of India's National Monsoon Mission supported by the Ministry of Earth Sciences. The aims of BoBBLE and OMM are study of upper ocean physics, turbulent mixing in the ocean and the role of ocean processes in monsoon air-sea interaction. INCOMPASS and SWAAMI are focused on aerosols, monsoon clouds and weather systems, surface fluxes and interaction of the atmosphere with land and ocean. New knowledge of ocean and coupled air-sea phenomena is emerging from analysis of the high-resolution field measurements made from research aircraft, ships and autonomous instruments over Indian land, and in the Bay of Bengal.

Upper Ocean Physics

Field experiments, process studies, and observing networks: upper ocean physics, surface fluxes, air-sea interaction, atmospheric turbulence and boundary layer, land-atmosphere interaction.